Best Practices

Practical solutions for the maintenance of our properties in an environmentally responsible manner.

Seasonal Tips

Fleur printempsSpring

With the arrival of spring flowers and warmer temperatures, many of us start to prepare our cottages and residences for summertime activities. To learn about some of the things you should consider when making such preparations, please click here.

7037 marguerites petitSummer

Although it's great to enjoy the many pleasures of living by the lake in summer, we must never forget that it is up to us to help protect and preserve it. For tips that will help you enjoy your summer in an environmentally responsible way, click here.

pic2 sm 07


As the days get shorter, it is time to start thinking about what we must do to get our cottages/ residences ready for winter. To learn about things you should consider when making preparations for the cold, snowy months ahead, click here.


With the lake frozen and the ground covered with snow, we often forget that how we treat the environment during the winter can have a significant impact on our watershed. For some ideas on how to have a "green winter", click here.


moppe 100Earth-Friendly Cleaning

The chemicals found in conventional cleaning products are often more dangerous than the dirt they're intended to clean. And the way we clean (with lots of disposable paper towels) isn't exactly earth-friendly. Fortunately, there are many alternatives available that can help you make your home squeaky clean - and green. To learn more, click here.